Outfit details:
Kigu: Amazon


On the fourth day of spooktober, We wished for the nicest angel you have…so of coarse, Stitch is here to cause a ruckus! The fluffy little blue alien experiment you can’t help but adore. He’s just too cute and fluffy!

This is a super easy costume, that also doubles as the comfiest around the house [or out running errands] pajamas you will probably ever own. By that I mean, these are basically oversized adult onesie pajamas that come in an assortment of characters and animals alike. They are called Kigurumis, and once you get one, chances are you won’t want to take it off.

This one is obviously Stitch, made out of fleece, with buttons down the front, and the best part POCKETS!! This is a great costume for if it’s chilly out and you want as many layers on to keep you warm. Layer up underneath the kigu and you will surely be cozy all night. And if it’s a bit warmer, you can get away with barely anything under it and still be at a good temperature.

If you recreate this look, I would love to see it! Post on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut and hashtag #SAspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=