We all have that one friend that really likes aliens, ufo sitings and anything to do with extraterrestrial encounters, right? Well instead of saying they are obsessed, I’m sure they would rather be classified as “Enthusiasts”, or Area 51 Enthusiasts! So for spooktober 5th, I’m bringing you a costume that will make you look like you are ready to be abducted.

Grab anything you have that has an alien, UFO, or even crop circles on it and get ready. I paired my “I want to believe” UFO shirt with a floral skirt and suspenders. Added my Alienware hat, striped socks, boots and a “your planet is next” bag that screams, I will pay you to abduct me! I also threw on a tattoo choker with an alien charm to add some more alien heads to the look. So now I’m ready to go wait in a corn field for the extraterrestrials to beam me up!

Are there any other alien lovers out there? Show me your best Area 51 Enthusiast look on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag @styleastronaut and hashtag #SAspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=

Outfit details:

Shirt: Amazon

Skirt: Forever 21

Suspenders: Party City

Socks: Sockdreams

Boots: dollhouse

Bag: handmade

Hat: Alienware