Dress: Nordstrom Rack


Horn clips:

Do your demons play well with others? If so, you can take this costume to work! It’s as simple as letting that inner demon of ours out to play! They may cause a bit of a ruckus, but maybe it won’t be so bad, right?

This look is super simple and calls for a red dress, some devil horn hair clips and a little red lipstick [or black if you prefer]. Throw on that red dress with a pair of black or red chunky heels, curl or straighten your hair and add your little demons horns into place. A little red lipstick, and some dark eye makeup will pull the look together!

Feel free to play with the color scheme on this one! It can also be a black outfit and some black horns if your demon is darker than you like to lead on. I would love to see your take on this little demon/devil look, post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut and hashtag #SAspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=