This simple Ice Queen look gives of some really cold vibes, some may even say your giving them the cold shoulder. So get your frost queen on this halloween with some white and blue tones and some iridescent glitter highlight for good measure. Using a glitter confetti as a highlight also gives you a nice little frosted look on your cheekbones. I used a blue wig to pull this look together but you can also use a white wig for a really frosty bitch look. I added some cute little snow freckles and a nice teal contour, used white liner to create an icey cat eye and ran it through my lashes as well. White lipstick with a iridescent highlighters over top really gives you a sparkling and icey look. Wear this look with all white or white and teal outfit to get that frosty bitch vibe really going, add a tiara for good measure so people know your not messing around and will freeze them instantly.


Happy Spooktober,

The Style Astronaut