Did my own twist on a classic swamp thing look. Started off by applying some liquid latex gills and texture, after that dried I applied green all over my face and neck. Then contoured and highlighted with different greens and highlighted over a pair of fishnets to create the scales look, similar to a mermaid look but in greens to get a more swampy look. I’d pair this look with a green scale bodysuit or even an all green draped costume covered in blood to look like you just attacked someone. I added blood into the gills of the look and even added a choice nosebleed. If you have the time to make some webbing for between your fingers out of liquid latex, it really brings the look together, just remember to paint your hangs green and highlight them with the fishnet trick to match your face. Get swampy this halloween and have fun!


Happy Spooktober,

The Style Astronaut