Not for what you think, I’m talking about Star Wars of course. Thirteen days until the premiere, and I’m more excited about this than I am about Christmas, to be completely honest. I’ve personally been trying to control my urges to buy everything Star Wars that I see everywhere lately. I really only have so much self control when it comes to keeping myself from buying things sometimes though.

Luckily I have some lovely friends that also feed my obsessions from time to time. A few Star Wars nick nacks that my friends have given me over time consist of; a millennium falcon, a stuffed tie fighter, a storm trooper crop & leggings set, the storm trooper Google cardboard, just to name a few. On a list of Star Wars apparel I am constantly buying myself, t-shirts, socks, and the Star Wars line, from when it is was around on Blackmilk Clothing. I will admit I didn’t have any self restraint when it came to that last one.

Needless to say, everyday is closer to Episode 7, this month especially. I could not be more hyped about this movie. Let me know what you are excited about via social media by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut!

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