Sometimes fabric shopping becomes more of a game of chance than anything. After hitting 3 fabric stores I finally ended up with what I needed for a few projects I’m working on. Even if one store had plenty of what I needed and I come back to purchase it, only to find it has magically all been purchased and vanished from the store floor. That’s retail, and it will always happen at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes you just have to be ready for it. 
On the other hand, finding things you only want to purchase one of, yet they are only sold in bundles or packages. Sometimes it’s useful, but most of the time it’s kind of frustrating. Anyone else run into this often? 
Today’s outfit is my attempt at wearing a color that isn’t my usual. I paired a high neck olive green body con dress, grey cardigan, black fleece lined tights and YRU platform trainers. Created a smokey eye with greens, golds, and browns to blend it into the overall look. 

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~The Style Astronaut~