One of my goals for 2016 is to cull my wardrobe. In order to do just that, it seems as though I will be swimming, or drowning in my collection of material things I put on my body daily. In doing so, hopefully getting rid of pieces that have been meaning to meet the “sock monster”. You know, the monster that steals your other sock somewhere between the wash and dry cycle. I hear he also enjoys clothing with holes, stains that will never come out, and unintentionally faded items as well. And for anything that can be spared, but is rarely worn, will either end up in the “see if Buffalo Exchange want this” pile or the donation pile. For those to special to just chuck into a pile items, a resale site might be in their near future.

As for the items I plan on keeping, the goal is to keep staple pieces, as well as things I know I wear often and get a lot of use out of. Lets be real though, I don’t need a white t shirt that isn’t so white anymore, and has blatantly seen some shit. I will probably still need that basic black dress in the long run. So as I set out on this journey, I promise myself that I will do my best to keep up with this habit every few months to assure that I am not to accumulate more things than I got rid of throughout the year.

Are you on a similar mission? Share your progress with me and lets suffer through throwing out things we don’t really need anymore together! Stalk me on social media and share your stories with me there. Links to all my socials are in the sidebar.


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