Between news outlets, social media, and the things we see day in and day out, the world constantly has something new and frightening to show us. You can’t turn on the news with out hearing of another death, or another mass shooting. You can’t get away from everyone’s agendas and opinions, even if you never wanted to hear them to begin with.

Every being on this planet has this odd sense on entitlement to “speak freely” because it is their constitutional right. This is true, as Americans the constitution states that we as a people have the right to free speech. Unfortunately, most Americans take that as a soapbox to air every opinion on their mind, no matter the context or circumstance.

Since the beginning of 2016, we have lost countless lives to an infinite number of reasons and events. Not to mention the history of similar incidents, deaths, attacks and crimes committed. It’s almost as if this world has never known peace. There is always so much talk of peace of mind, tranquility and a better tomorrow, but at this rate will tommorow ever come?

There is a very short period of time for humankind to experience the fearlessness of a child that has little to no knowledge of the outside world. To live without hate and just exist for a short time in that bliss knowing you are “safe”. Once you begin to grow, learn and experience the world for what it is, things get a little more difficult. You find out about to much for your mind to process as it happens and life will overwhelm you.

Dispite the amount of fear the world and its events can instill in every single one of us, we are still here. We as a human race are still existing, fighting, and taking action to better our communities and each other’s lives. So ask yourself this, what are you doing to make your world safer for your loved ones, and the people around you? If you saw someone in danger and you had the ability to help them, would you? If you saw something, would you say something?

In the end, the world is still a scary place and people still constantly live in fear everyday for some reason or another. So be kind to your fellow humans and stay as positive as you can despite the most unfortunate circumstances. Be the light you need in the dark and if you help someone else while lighting the way, all the better. The world may be a scary place, but you have the ability to make your life a little more tolerable for yourself and everyone around you.

Stay Safe,
The Style Astronaut

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