In today’s society, there are so many subjects that people cant seem to bring up that won’t bring some type of storm of unwanted opinions with them. May it be politics, abortion, racism, cultures, religion, sexual orientation and so on, the topics are boundless. When it comes to people feeling so strongly about them that they are willing to almost get into fist fights about it, you tend to feel like something more is happening. It usually ends up in someone mentioning freedom of speech and then continuing to voice their opinion onto someone who, in most cases, wasn’t even talking to them or didn’t ask for their opinion in the first place.

When it comes to politics, people pick sides and sometimes they defend their sides more than other people are willing to accept. To each their own and so on, at least politics has some type of end game planned out for it. People will still argue and debate regardless of that outcome but also still have to live with it once it is over and then wait until the next election for more things to banter about. Unfortunately, a lot of other touchy subjects don’t seem to have any type of end game lately. There is little hope in understanding what is going on around you without being sucked into everything all at once.

I often try to educate myself in most matters to, in turn form my own opinions that I plan on keeping to myself unless asked specifically otherwise. I do not feel like forcing your opinion on someone else will magically change theirs to favor your belief, but it seems as though the way people interact wishes it would simply do so. There are still some people who can manage to have a civil conversation with someone of an opposing opinion and not end the conversation in a wild frenzy of frustration over conflicting views. I have a lot of respect for those people who can take in the opinions of others without forcing their own, and trying to see it from their side without trying to convince them otherwise.

Acknowledging the humans around you and their thought process may take a bit of getting used to, but the phrase “walk in their shoes” always seems to make some flipped views make a little bit more sense. May it or may it not be for better or worse, but understanding how someone else thinks is definitely something worth trying out to better grasp the personalities around you. Now I’m most certainly not trying to tell you to go out of your way to psychoanalyze your friends, family or strangers, that might be a step to far. Although, keeping an open mind while talking to people about any touchy subject that may come up is always a good tactic to having a civil conversation.

Overall, there is always a chance that someone will say something that could be taken in a different way from what you initially understand. For example, through the generations of human kind, things have been changing and sometimes you will hear some type of comment that will sound very out of place. Once you see who it may have been said by, the context might make a bit more sense [EX the photo above] In the end, taking a moment to asses any situation before blurting out the first thing that may come to mind is always a safe bet to avoid unwanted confrontation. So think before you speak, and have an open mind willing to process the bounds of other peoples thought when you are given the chance.


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