Looking back at the places I’ve traveled, when, how often and with who, I’ve realized that a good majority of my travel has been a solo adventure. Having been from the west coast and going to college on the east coast, I had a lot of “going home for the holidays” type of trips that just kind of became like clock work after the first few times. To be completely honest, I actually enjoy traveling alone quite a bit. I often find it less stressful when I travel alone as opposed to traveling with a group or even just one other person.

In high school and college, I went of a few large group trips with in and out of the country. I really enjoyed those trips and all the things I learned on them and about my fellow travelers. Although, I did find that traveling with larger groups definitely slowed down most of the processes of the trip, from getting through security and making sure you haven’t lost any ducklings along the way. It’s a fun and frustrating process, but you eventually make it to your destinations.

If anything has stuck with me it is to always account for a few mishaps along the way, better safe than sorry. I will say that my solo adventures always have some silly story to follow about others on my plane, in my row, or even just in the same terminal. Weather it be planes, busses, or trains, the adventure is always entertaining to say the least.

My most recent trip back home to Vegas to see family and friends was interesting to say the least, but to be fair I didn’t really plan out much besides show up and see people. A few, very new experiences, some learning, some traditional stops along the way and of coarse, In n Out Burger! Can’t go home without eating a few burgers for the road. Getting to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in almost a year was really nice, even if the weather wasn’t exactly ideal. A lot of rain in the desert for late January, if you ask me, but I’m no weatherman.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut