When you move cross country there are plenty of things that take some getting used to. Weather was a big one for me, coming from a very dry, hot place to a humid and mostly cold place demands a lot of change in wardrobe. Layering became my best friend and I accumulated a lot of sweaters, jackets and coats along the way. Even though I still avoid wearing “real pants” most of the time, I still manage to keep myself warm when it hits those below zero temperatures in the winter. 

I get teased all the time for wearing a hoodie when it’s still 70 degrees out, because my body is still used to 115+ degree weather on the daily. Moving cross country with the wardrobe I had for my desert life was going to be a hell of an adaptation. There are things called seasons out here, and I’m still getting used to those, and all of their weather changes that come along with them. Last year around this time is was a whole lot colder, and the past few days it’s been in the high 60’s low 70’s, IN NOVEMBER! If this is what fall is, I’ll take it. 
Today’s outfit is simple, I didn’t even have to wear a real jacket out this morning! I paired a simple black cardigan with one of my many Star Wars graphic t-shirts [Did you see the international trailer yet??] and a pair of plain black shorts. Through on my triple black Nike rosche runs and headed out the door. 


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~The Style Astronaut~