Today I learned how to snowboard. A few friends and I went on a quest, and left mostly victorious. Our group had a 50/50 split of experienced and inexperienced. This was all of our first rides of the season, and for half of us, the first time ever on a board. The runs were narrow and only about 3 runs were open, but we learned and had fun none the less.

Toes, heels, kick your back foot out, keep your knees bent, lean toward the direction you want to go, which ever foot is putting pressure on the board is the direction your board will want to go, and you okay? These are things I heard all day in the learning process. I took plenty of tumbles and am sure to be covered in bruises by the morning, but I had a great time and am glad I got to learn a new skill. Even if I’m not that great at it, practice makes perfect.

On that note, as I defrost from the mountain, my whole body is definitely feeling the effects of all the tumbles I took today. It is time for a hot shower, a kigu and as many blankets as I have at my disposal to get warm and hopefully prevent some of this pain and soreness from getting any worse. Wish me luck. If you have any fun winter stories, remedies for sore muscles or any other related stories, I would love to hear them! Comment below, or tag @styleastronaut #styleastronaut on social media!

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