Hack #1

Today I was looking for a new body lotion and realized that I wasn’t having much luck finding a scent I enjoyed enough to buy. So I figured I would take matters into my own hands, so I grabbed an unscented base body lotion and decided to add my own scent I knew I would enjoy.  Do you have essential oils in your favorite scents? Do you have unscented lotion that you wish smelled more like them? Add some of your favorite essential oil to your unscented lotion and shake/stir depending on your container. I picked up a Vaseline brand unscented body lotion and added grapefruit essential oil to it and shook it up. Tried it out and now it has the perfect subtle citrus scent!


Hack #2

Do you like experimenting with fun and different lip colors? Try out adding eye shadow pigments over your favorite lip color to give it a special look. Also try out some eyeshadow sticks as a lip shade itself! I have found that NYX and Rimmle eyeshadow sticks work great for this hack. I have recently been playing with dark matte lip shades with iridescent shadows or highlighters over top of them, and it gives your lips such a different and eye catching look. Another great way to use shadows as a lip color is mixing them with some type of fixative or even a gloss or nude shade. There are many different ways to use this hack and its great for experimental looks.


Hack #3

Do you have an eyeshadow palette that you only use a few select colors in, but wish you could use the other shades as well. If you don’t use that pink shadow on your eyes and have a full pan of it, try using it as a blush tone. For those browns you don’t get much use out of, experiment with using them as brow shades, or even contour shades. Do you have a shimmer shade that you never thought you would find a use for, try out using it as a highlighter. There is always some use for those shades that rarely get touched, you just have to think outside the box a little bit.


Hack #4

Tired of buying expensive brush cleaner, need a cheap and effective alternative. Try Dr. Bronners bar soap, it retails at about $4.99 at CVS and works similar to a solid brush cleaner. Just swirl your damp brush on the soap bar under running water until it’s all soaped up, swirl it around on your hand and then rinse and repeat until the water in your brush runs clean. Make sure to keep your brushed pointed down while cleaning so that no water gets up into the handle and causes any unnecessary issues. Make sure to reshape your brushes before leaving them out on a towel to dry over night. And in order to store this bar soap until your next brush cleaning session, grab a soap travel container and keep it in there between uses.


Hack #5

Do you find yourself getting mascara all over your freshly shadowed lids every time you apply? Try using a card to shield your lids from your mascara wand, or even a spoon if thats more accessable. Card stock works just as well, just cut out a square or rectangle roughly the width of your eye and add a little curve to one of the sides that follows your lash line shape. Using that card, place it over your lid and behind your lashes to help you get to the roots of your lashes and keep your lids clear of mascara . Another mascara tip is to bend the wand so you have a better range of motion when applying.



These are just a few hacks to use the next time you are stuck on what to do. Thanks for tuning in to The Style Astronaut! Come back on Wednesday for a new blog post and a new Vlog over on my youtube channel!


Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut