During the holidays, some people get so caught up in making sure they get the right gift for everyone on their list, that they forget to take a moment for themselves. So instead of just picking up and extra gift for yourself this year, treat yourself with an at home mini spa session. Stop by your local Sephora or Lush and grab your favorite bath bomb and a face mask sample you’ve been wanting to try. Or even make some at home, if your feeling crafty!

To start your pamper session, wash off your face and start running yourself a nice warm bath. While your bath is filling up, make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, grab your favorite candle and light it in your restroom to give your bath some mood lighting. Once your bath is full, add your favorite bath bomb, bubble bath or some Epsom salts and essential oils. Before you hop into that lovely bath, throw on a face mask or your favorite sheet mask on and then hop in!

While you are in the bath, wet your hair and give it a nice deep condition with a hair masque or add coconut oil, olive oil, argon oil or any other treatment you have available. When you are ready to start wrapping up your bath session, grab your favorite body scrub and go to town! Once you are ready to pull the plug on your bath and take a shower to get extra squeaky clean, make sure you wash or peel off your face mask!

Once you are clean and out of the shower, it is time to moisturizer! So grab your favorite face and body lotions and lather yourself up. If you have dry skin on certain parts of your body, now is the time to address them with some extra love and lotion. Put some thick foot creme on your feet and throw on some fuzzy socks to let that soak in.

Slip into your favorite, most cozy pajamas, house robe, and slippers. Find the coziest spot in your house, and curl up with a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket. Throw on your favorite movie, read a book, whatever relaxes you. Self care is always necessary and often forgotten. I hope you are inspired to spoil yourself for at least one night this month. Tweet me your favorite spa at home products on Twitter @styleastronaut. Happy relaxing!

The Style Astronaut