Hello earthlings, tonight we tried out a very popular Japanese beauty product, the carbonated bubble clay mask. I ordered mine off amazon for about $10. Click here if you would like to purchase it yourself. This clay mask is a little different than the normal slather, let dry and wash off.


This mask, once applied, begins to bubble up on your face with the help of the carbonation in the formula itself. Once the product has been exposed to air, the process begins, so you have to work pretty quick to get an even layer on your face with the small spatual provided. Make sure you close your product tightly after use to ensure it does not begin to react in the pot and spoil the whole product.

I applied the product to the bottom half of my face and waited 5 minutes for the bubbles to do their thing. Once the 5 minutes was up, I brought my face over to the sink and began to use Luke warm water to gently rub the bubbles in circular motions all around my face. Once I disapated most of the bubbles, I used my Clairsonic to finish off the job. The directions specify to massage the clay mask into your face for 2 minutes to maximize its cleansing potential.  With some more warm water I rinsed off my face and patted it dry with a towel.

When I first applied the mask, it was a lot stickier and goopier than a lot of other clay masks I have tried before. I began to spread it across my skin with the provided spatual and tried to avoid using my hands to keep as many germs out of the tub as possible. While the mask was on my face I felt a slightl tingling sensation as the bubbles began to form. This mask is said to be used for pore cleaning and blackhead removal. My face felt super soft and a whole lot cleaner, since my pores have been acting up lately. I am pleased with the results of this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try a fun new mask with a twist that wants a deep cleanse.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and had a chance to see the new Deadpool movie! I also hoped you snagged enough discount chocolate today to drown in it for a few days if not more. Follow me on social media do sneaks of new things that are going to be happening!

Stay Stylish,

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