This week I bring you the lip products I have collected so far, from the brand I always rave about, Colourpop. This is not a sponsored post. There is a mix or their lippie stix and matching liners, their ultra matte lips and also their new ultra satin lips. I love that their lippie stix taste like cake and their primer does a great job at keeping your lips from feeling like the sahara desert. I ultimatley fell in love with their liquid lipstick formula and am grad that they have a matte and satin line now. Both are great and the ultra matte is virtually untransferable, which is great. I have worn it through meals and didn’t even have to touch up. The colors will be listed below if you would like to try and get your hands on any of them off the colourpop website.


Wet | Pearlized

Bull chic | Matte & Bull chic liner

Raw | Satin & Raw liner

Marshmallow | Ultra satin lip

Petit Four | Ultra Satin Lip

Beeper | Ultra Matte Lip

Creeper | Ultra Matte Lip

Mr. Blonde | Ultra Matte Lip

Dr. M | Ultra Matte Lip

Jellies | Ultra Matte Lip

Guess | Ultra Matte Lip


Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut