Forget the princess get up this year and head straight for the evil queen you’ve always wanted to be. Make your Halloween sinister and become your favorite villain or better yet, become the evil queen version of yourself and rule the party! This is a great costume to bring to any party, you can glam it up, be as extra as you want with the attire and accessories and even carry around a sidekick if your look so calls for it.


Took this look to another level with a dark prism bodysuit I made, accompanied by a huge bustle made by Dollilicious Cosplay, and feather trimmed robe, harness, crown and bracelet by Church of Vanity. Kept it all in a dark sparkle theme and could feel the evil flowing through my fingertips. This is a great costume to throw together with things out of your closet if you have black or an array of darker colors in your wardrobe. Other great colors to use for villains tend to be green, purple, mauve, maroon and the like. Make sure to add a dramatic wing to your liner look or even a nice deep Smokey eye that coordinates with your outfit look. And it never hurts to add some extra sparkle here and there, and if that means crystal brows or glitter highlight, so be it!

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut

Photos by Church of Vanity