Making up a song about Coraline...

She’s a peach, she’s a doll, she’s a pal of mine. Day 11 of spooktober¬† brings you our favorite little adventurer, Coraline. When she’s not following her dosing rod, shes adventuring into other dimensions! This costume is a pretty easy DIY, grab your yellow raincoat, a blue wig and a sparkly dragonfly hairclip and you’ve got the basic costume down. If you wanna go more true to character, grab a navy sweater and add some stars all over it, or even a orange and red striped long sleeve shirt. Can’t forget about her signature yellow rainboots! I DIY’d the hair clip with some crystals and felt, but if DIY isn’t your thing I’m sure you can find a dragonfly clip to order online.

Shot by Alec Bellante 

Stay Spooky,

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