Earlier this month I had the pleasure of joining in on creating a large scale art install for a client with the wonderful team over at Rabbit Revolution. The team had been designing and planning for the weeks leading up to the creation of this project, and it really shows in the finished product. From start to finish a Dragon was born in about 24 hours of build time, and even more work was put into projection mapping it once he was hung and in place. The effects projected on to the layers polygons really brought “Longboii” to life and the effort by all shines through in the execution.

So here is a little look into how we built, hung and projection mapped a rather large dragon for our client in a relatively short amount of time. First, our design team took on the task of creating what would eventually become Longboii. The design was then calculated and spread to create pattern pieces, more or less. Once the pattern was created to size, it was printed, and mounted onto countless layers of coroplast, then the cutting began. Once everything as cut, it was time for construction, which was essentially a zip tie puzzle. Once constructed, Longboii in all his pieces was hung and secured. Then the projection mapping began to take shape.

Using HeavyM and Resolume to create amazing scenes projected onto the polygons of the dragon, with effects and even videos bringing him to life even further. The team over at Rabbit Revolution continues to impress with their collective of skills and plethora of new and awe inspiring creations that seem to only be getting more and more impressive. Keep an eye out for their upcoming events and projects by liking their facebook page, follow their Instagram and keep and eye out on their website for all your rabbit needs.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut