For this creative spotlight, I am pleased to bring you an interview with an artist that I just can’t get enough of lately, John Foster! He makes amazing pieces that refract light in the best way, in shapes that make you feel like you’ll teleport to another dimension through one of their refracted rainbows.

My name is John Foster, I aim to make objects that capture the viewer into the moment, multidimensional sculptures, portals to micro utopias. I make geodesic spheres with precisely cut, specially treated/dichroic acrylic. I call these dichrospheres. These multidimensional objects are used to make 2D images and artwork, primarily living on the internet, but also as limited edition prints. Keep an eye out as I roll out some new screen prints in 2017.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by beauty, found in various forms and fields. My work is an intersection of art and mathematics/science, but is made from a place of empathy and sensitivity. I am inspired by many people, who live authentically, freely, lovingly. People who are passionate, fearless, and talented. I am inspired by things that fool me, puzzles, art that leaves me speechless. I like work that I cannot tell how it is made.

Is there a message you want to send with your work?

I am more interested in what people draw from the work themselves – that said, it is a message of positivity, creativity, and mindfulness.

When/how did you start creating?

I have always been a creative, since I was very young. I had health issues that kept me in a wheelchair from 5 – 6 years old, which is when my interests in color, drawing and making things/art began. This interest continued through my angsty teenage years, and in my early 20s I got accepted into Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I earned a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies and sculpture.

What keeps you motivated?

I have met some amazing people who make work that rekindles my creative fire and reminds me of how important it is to bring beauty into the world. In fact, especially now, I feel like making things in my studio is the best way to drown out the noise of all the negativity in the world. It probably sounds a lot like Pollyanna but I think I’m ok with that. If bringing beauty into the world can bring more joy into our lives, then I am all about it.

If you stepped foot onto a planet based on your work, what would you see?

Oh wow, I’m pretty sure it would be a singularity and it would be pure white light

What is your life aesthetic and how does it translate into your work?

┬áhave lot of rituals, I am kind of secretive, scarce, im like a unicorn kitten… I think that my work aesthetic kind of rhymes with my life style. Existing with one foot in the void.

Fun Fact:

i owe most of the attention I receive online to Banksy, who tweeted a photo of my interstellar sparkle table.


Be patient. Follow your gut. Magic is real. Love is Real.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

probably wood – it is so forgiving, and beautiful. I am also skilled in rubber mold making…Silicone is amazing.

If you could collaborate on a large scale project with another artist, who would it be?

I would love to work with Wayne Coyne. I don’t even know much about him, I just love everything I see him do.

How would you describe your style of creation?

idiot savant meets OCD meets ADHD meets manic-depressive…

If you could exhibit your work anywhere in the world, where would you want it shown?

in every abandoned cathedral I can find, with busted out stained glass windows, some intact, dusty, sharp beams of light, huge space… ughhhh yes.

Make sure to check out all of his social media below!

insta: @itsjohnfoster

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