Hello earthlings, today I am going to talk to you about my December Beauty Favorites.

To start I want to mention Colourpop cosmetics. Specifically, their ultra matte lip line, their highlighters and their matte super shock shadows. I personally have the ultra matte lips in the shades Jellies, Creeper, and Guess. Jellies is a vibrant dark blue shade, Creeper is an blue red, and Guess is a dark blackened violet. These liquid lips dry ultra matte and barely transfer, they have a doefoot applicator and work well when applied in thin layers.

My favorite highlighter from colourpop comes in the shade Monster. The shade is a pale pink base with opalescent sparkle in it that creates such a great beam on the high points of your face. It reminds me of the shine of freshly blown bubbles or iridescent crinkle wrap. I have been obsessed with opalescence, iridescence, and just about anything that refracts light beautifully lately.

I also really enjoy pairing opalescent items with matte products, so the last colourpop product I am obsessed with lately is their matte super shock eyeshadows. I have four of these in the shades Roulette, Bites, Hanky Panky, and Central Perk. Roulette is matte black, Bites is matte white, Hanky Panky is a really nice matte nude light tan color, and Central Perk is a beautiful dirty maroon pigment. I love using these as a base when I am using my duo-chrome shadows as well as anything in my Galaxy Chic palette from BH Cosmetics.


The next favorite on my list is my Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade light. This is one of the best concealers I have used to date. The coverage is great and the formual isnt sticky, it dries slightly dewy, but if you don’t like that look you can easily set it with a matte powder like I often do with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Speaking of Rimmel powders, I also use their natural bronzer as a contour shade, its a really nice light bronze glow that doesn’t over power the face. I recommend it to anyone learning how to contour or play with bronzer in general.

An eyeliner that I have been using a lot in the past few months after running out of a few other products that I had also been loving was actually a christmas gift from 2 years ago that I had almost forgotten about, really glad I didn’t. It is the Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper. This liquid liner also comes in brown, but I currently prefer the black for most of my looks. The product itself has a really nice art brush tip that gives you a very clean line and a good flow of product. I will definitely be investing in a full size version of the product, seeing as I have used all of the gifted sample size.

I also want to mention the Covergirl Star Wars makeup line that came out last year. I managed to get two of the lipstick shades in 10 and 50, 10 being a buildable silver shimmer lipstick and 50 being a berry shade with iridescent flecks in it.  The color pay out on 50 is much better than the color pay out of 10, but I enjoy layering 10 over cool toned lipsticks for an added sparkle. I also snagged one of the light side mascaras with the quote “Do or Do Not there is no try”-Yoda, strickly on principle of having it. I am not a huge fan of the water proof mascara formula by Covergirl to begin with, so I really just purchased it for the packaging. I also grabbed the nail shade in ‘Speed of light’, which is a nude type of taupe shade. Nothing really to special, again I will admit to purchasing it because of the Star Wars branding.


And last on my list of December Favorites are a few NYX lip products, that all seem to be matte shades. The first shade is actually one of their matte lipsticks, in the color ‘Sable’. There are 45 matte lipstick shades and they each cost $5.99, the formula is great and drys a bit of a mix between and matte and a suede, but does still transfer if you are eating a burger or something. The next lip product is the Soft Matte Lip Creme by NYX, in the color ‘Transylvania’. There are 29 shades to chose from in the Soft Matte Lip Creme range and they are also $5.99 each. These lip cremes are great, but also still transfer while eating or drinking. Last but not least I want to mention, the Liquid Suede line that NYX recently launched, it has 12 shades and retails at $6.99. I have two of the twelve shades in the colors ‘Stone Fox’ and ‘Cherry Skies’. These liquid suedes are so nice, and barely transfer when eating or drinking. I love using any of my matte lip products as a base, and adding either a hight lighter over top or even a duo-chrome shadow, or that lovely silver Star Wars lipstick I mentioned earlier.


I hope this post helped you decide on some new products to try out! Let me know if you like posts like this and if you want to see more of them. If you want to check out my December Favorites Video on my Youtube Channel, click play below and don’t forget to hit subscribe.


Stay Stylist,

The Style Astronaut