I see you shiver with antici……………..pation.

This is a cult classic look from Rocky Horror Picture show of Dr. Frankfurter, that sweet transvestite from Transylvania! Now if you haven’t seen Rocky Horror, I highly suggest getting on that and falling in love with the characters just like everyone else does. Dr Frankfurter has a very distinct costume so I suggest throwing that together as a costume if you are going with this look. So grab your corsets and garter belts and get sassy! I achived this look with some black and blue eyeshadow, black liner and creme paint, some red lipstick, heavy contour and blush for the complete look! For a proper group costume, grab your favorite groupies, Brad and Janet and the rest of your crew and roll out rocky horror style! Don’t forget to mark your virgins!!


Happy Spooktober,

The Style Astronaut