This 2 weeks ago we threw down in Minnesota at Gustavus Adolphus College for their welcome weekend. Upon landing in Minnesota we ended up at the Mall of America to grab some food and explore a bit before we headed to our hotel for check in! The Mall of America was definitely an experience and they even had roller coasters inside the mall! Our show went off and the crowd really seemed to enjoy their welcome weekend activities!

This past weekend we brought our biggest show of the year to House of Blues Boston and had a great big crowd with some amazing energy! I really love getting to perform on that great big stage with such an awesome team every year. Next up we continue our fall tour with our New York, Philly and Providence shows bringing you some special fun and surprises along the way. Don’t forget to grab your tickets if you are in those areas and come party with us!

Stay Stylish,
The Style Astronaut
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