Follow the white rabbit right down the rabbit hole to get a little twisted with me on this one. We are all mad here, so do you ever wonder what would have happened to Alice if she never made it back out of wonderland? You’d think she’d  lose little bits of herself throughout her journey in wonderland, maybe even lose her head by the hands of the red queen. Will she ever find that rabbit? Will the hatter ever make any sense? Will the flowers ever talk to her for hours, or will they always thinks she’s just a weed?

I picked up a lovely Alice costume, added a short grey wig, some vertical striped tights, a petticoat and stompy boots, as well as a dark lip. You can add extra bits here and there to make her look like she’s really lost it, add some running mascara tears, since she loves to cry so much. Maybe a few faux cuts, scrapes, bruises, rips in the tights, some fake blood out the corner of your mouth, clutch something white and furry to nod at some things she might have had to do while being stuck in wonderland to survive. Add some extra accessories like a corset on the outside of the dress, some fingerless leather gloves, a choker, bits and pieces of battle armor if you feel so inclined. Take this Alice as dark and twisted as you want with just a few additions and some imaginative back story, make it up and have some fun with it! Grab your girls and get weird!

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut