Bad jokes & endless puns aside, can’t forget to get something for dad! Yours, your S.O’s, your friends dad, your dads dad, no dad left behind! So start brain storming, what does your dad like? Does he like gadgets, food, a movie or show, does he like cars, the outdoors?

For all the nerd dads out there, the possibilities are endless. From getting them memorabilia from their favorite fandom, to signed posters of their favorite character. Getting fandom merchandise is very possible for almost any series, movie or show.

Is dad into gadgets? Get him the latest edition of something he already has, and loves, as an upgrade. Or even accessories for gadgets he already loves and used often. Like an otter box case, or a carrying sleeve or briefcase with special electronics pockets. Maybe throw in some extra charging cables in as well. Even better grab him an external charger for his electronics, so he can charge on the go.

Does he like to go fast, register him to take an expensive fast car he likes around the track. If he’s not afraid of heights, you could even get him a plane ride around your local area. Heck, if your dad is a thrill seeker, get him some sky diving lessons!

If your dad is like any dad I know, he probably loves snacks, baked goods, and candy. So add a personal touch and bake him a special treat. Does he have a favorite candy? Get him a substantial supply, he can only steal your Halloween candy for so long. If he’s daring about his snack options, try signing him up for a monthly subscription snack box. They have international ones, healthy treats, and even some pretty bizarre ones to chose from. Can’t go wrong if he likes trying new things.

If he’s more into the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with camping gadgets. Grab him a hybrid solar powered camping flashlight, a nice camping knife or hammock. If he likes fishing or hunting, you can grab him some new fishing lures, or some ammo. And maybe some HEATTECH base layers to keep him warm out there on his adventures.

I hope this helped give you some inspiration on what to get your dad for the holidays. Show me what you end up getting him by tagging #styleastronaut @styleastronaut on social media! I sent my old man 2 pounds of one of his favorite types of candy for the holiday, it seems to have become a tradition at this point. Couldn’t let that stop just because I wasn’t going to be around. Happy Holiday shopping!

The Style Astronaut