Do you have a special animal in your life? Get them something special this holiday season! Today I’m going to touch base on some great gifts for your furry friends. We all see the prepackaged pet stockings coming out during the holidays, but sometimes you have picky pets that require extra special toys and treats.

So this year, bring in some holiday cheer with festive toys, treats, cozy new pet beds, or a fancy new collar. If you are a Star Wars nerd like me, you’ve hit the jackpot this year! Some pet stores have fandom merchandise in the shapes of toys, treats and even themed collars and leashes. If you are more into the traditions cat and mouse, you can’t go wrong with getting your kitty a new catnip toy, or your puppy a new bone.

If you want to add some flare to your home and get a giggle as well, snag yourself a shark shaped cat cave/dog bed. Do you want a more functional gift for your pet? Buy some collapsible travel bowls for those pit stops on hikes with your pup. Grab your pet a new set of tags if theirs are looking a little dull. Grooming supplies for that pampered pet. Special holiday treats from a pet safe bakery, or even make some at home yourself.

Grab your pup a new chew toy, snag your cat a remote control mouse to chase around. Do you have designated pet blankets? Grab an extra plush one this year for your special furry friend. Does your hamster need a new wheel, ball, or even a new cage to run about and play in? Maybe your bunny needs a bigger playhouse. Maybe your bird needs a hammock or swing. Would your fish like a new “deep sea diver” friend in their tank? Or are they more of pirate type of fish? The possibilities are endless!

Always remember the unconditional love your pets provide you, day in and day out. Don’t forget them this holiday! Bring them home something special and make sure to wrap it so they get to tear open a present too. After watching you rip yours apart, they will surely want to join in on the fun! I hope this post helped to inspire your pets gift this holiday. Show me what types of gifts you are getting your pet this season by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut on social media.

The Style Astronaut