There will always be some holiday gathering that calls for a “$10 gift for swap” and we all know how frustrating that can get. So this post is to help get you inspired to get something a little different. From secret Santa, to Yankee swap you always need some type of gift that will hopefully please someone.

The gifts people seem to go for that I have seen are usually, bottles of wine, gift cards, DVDs, and board games. As much as people are bound to swap for any of those gifts if they had the chance, some other fun trinkets to watch people get instead are, stuffed animals, candles, and slippers. If your Yankee swap happens to be for a company party, there will almost certainly be someone who brings a gag gift. Some fun ideas to bring are Knock Knock memo pads, fun shaped office supplies, and you can’t forget a “There’s Whiskey in here” mug.

In the case of Secret Santa, take your victim into consideration. In the case of work secret Santa’s, where you don’t know much about whoever you end up choosing out of a hat, get something conventional. This is where those gift cards and bottles of wine come in. Maybe a hot chocolate set or even a nip bouquet would do. If you’re lucky you might end up having a secret Santa that ends up as a Yankee swap.

I hope you got some inspiration from the few tips and tricks to secret Santa and Yankee swap. Have more ideas for great Yankee swap gifts tweet them at me @styleastronaut or tag #styleastronaut on social media!

The Style Astronaut