If you need some inspiration for wrapping all those gifts you’ve acquired for your loved ones, this post is here to help! To start, grab your essentials: scissors, tape, gift boxes and tissue. From there your gift selection comes into play.

If you have gifts that fit into gift boxes nicely, go ahead and assemble yourself some of those to start. When using gift boxes, you have the option to use tissue paper to wrap the items in prior to putting them in the box. Once the items are in the box, you can tape the box shut to ease the wrapping process. Wrap as usual and top with a bow, twine, curling ribbon, thick wired ribbon, or anything of the sort to add flair. Throw a tag on it to remember who’s present is which and your all set!

For any gifts that can fit into a bag, go ahead and throw them in a holiday themed bag and top it with tissue to keep that element of surprise. Strap some ribbon around the handles and create a large bow to add some extra flair. Go ahead and tie a name tag on as well to keep yourself organized.

When it comes to choosing a wrapping paper, you have what feels like a million options. Depending on how many gifts you have to wrap, you may be able to stick with one pattern. If not feel free to pick a few, from snowmen, Star Wars, snowflakes, penguins, polar bears, and reindeers, to plain brown butcher paper.

For toppers, you have endless choices from ornaments, bows, ribbon, pine cones, tinsel, holly, pine clippings, feathers, bells, and even tiny lights! Almost anything can be attached to your beautifully wrapped gifts to add that extra flair. You can even use rubber stamps on plain rolls of paper to create your very own patterned paper to wrap with that really shows that home made touch.

Hope this helped you get inspired to make your gifts look extra special this year! Show me your wrap jobs on social media by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut!

The Style Astronaut