Hello earthlings, it’s been a while! I’m starting off this year by talking about something I have been trying for the past few months. After giving this service some time to experience it myself, I can confidently say that I highly recommend getting your nails done at a salon that carries “dip powder”.

It’s one of the most durable products I’ve had applied to my nails, it doesn’t stain, it hasn’t chipped and it lasts about 3 weeks and even longer if you don’t mind a bit of grow out. My nail tech told me that it helps your nails grow stronger and is a healthier alternative to getting acrylic or gel applied. You can get tips applied to your natural nails prior to picking your dip color and have lovely, long and even pointy claws, even if your natural nails aren’t quite long enough yet.

This round I just got my natural nails trimmed down a bit and had them just dip my natural nails and it’s really lovely knowing that the “polish” isn’t going to crack, chip or stain, since I do so much with my hands. Being active and not having much time to get to a nail salon every week or two for a fresh set makes having these dip powder nails that much more convenient. I highly recommend trying this out for a few months and see if it works well for you and your life style!

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut