I had the pleasure of attending the Halal Guys Boston Grand opening yesterday, the service was quick and the food was delicious! If you haven’t heard of the Halal Guys, they are an amazing street food chain that started as a hot dog cart in NYC 25 years ago! They have thrived and expanded since their start and now bring delicious Halal plates to you and yours in many locations. This weekend they opened their first Boston restaurant and boy was it a hit!

The Halal Guys are known for their chicken and gyro combo plates that will surely fill you up and satisfy your craving for a good halal dish. They also offer falafel, sandwiches and even humus and baba ghanouj sides! Don’t forget about their Baklava dessert option.

Each platter comes with a bed of rice, salad, pita, your choice of chicken, beef gyro or combo meat! You can order a side of fries or falafel and also hummus and baba ghanouj to go with your meal or as a snack on their own. Don’t forget your sauces, you can choose between their famous white sauce, their hot sauce or their BBQ sauce on their platter. ¬†Each sandwich is your choice of meat or falafel stuffed into a pita with greens your choice of sauce.

The Boston Location is 137 Stuart Street Boston MA 02216 in the theatre disrict near all of the clubs down town! The Halal Guys are notorious for being open late and I think they are keeping strong with that tradition. So enjoy your halal dish with some friends and fulfill your gyro needs!

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut