Happy New Years earthlings! I hope you all rang in the new year in a festive way. After having a great night, filled with great people, music and cider, I spent the first day of the year on the slopes! Following through with learning a new skill this year, I continued my snowboarding journey.

I am excited to be cultivating a new skill that involves winter weather, so maybe this year the snow won’t seem so bleak. Similar to many other skills I’ve acquired over time, snowboarding takes a whole lot of muscle memory and concentration. There is also a lot of falling when you are still learning, so plenty of bumps & bruises. I am stoked to be able to laugh at myself every time I fall, just to get back up and keep trying.

Keeping up with learning this new activity will be part of my long term goals for the year and many ahead. So acquiring a few more waterproof garments will definitely be in my near future. I will hopefully be able to throw up a haul type post about what gear I end up with and how I like it once I’ve broken it in a bit.

Speaking of haul type posts, I plan on posting a mini review on a few of my favorite products that I’ve been using as of late. I hope they will be helpful for anyone looking for some out of the ordinary and slightly other worldly looks.

Stay Stylish
The Style Astronaut