Spooktober has come to an end and what a great month it was. This year I went about things a bit differently and made posts for every weekday of the month instead of every day. My schedule got a little bit hectic to keep up with every single day, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less. I still have so many more thugs to share with you throughout the year that I hope you will enjoy as well.




This year Halloween fell on a Monday, so I took a bit more of a casual route for my costume. You can hipsterfy almost any character you want, so I gave Poison Ivy a bit of a make over! I started with a base of the classic red hair and ivy adorned top, I added a beanie to make her a bit more hipster grunge, and of coarse a crystal choker. I paired the top with some black high waisted disco pants and some stompy boots.



The makeup was a mix of grunge and glam, I did a green and burgundy smokey eye with a black matte liquid lip with green shimmer over top. Add a sinnister grin, a little bit of attitude and of coarse some concern for your darling Harley and her ware abouts.


Happy Halloween!!

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