We all know that once festival season hits, most of your “healthy habits” end up flying out the window. You forget to hydrate, you have left all of your vitamins at home for the party weekend and you probably didn’t even think about eating real food during your festival attendance. Let’s be honest, you weren’t even thinking about any of your every day habits for your party weekend, all you stocked up on was alcohol and maybe a few granola bars, but it’s time to put a little more thought into your weekend home away from home.

You will want to think about what you will be doing on your weekend festival getaway adventure. Are you camping? Are you staying at a hotel for a few days? These things will determine which healthy food and snacks you will be able to bring and eat throughout your weekend. Pack your camelbak, Gatorade, waters and power bars, but also pack some basics to make sandwiches and some banana and oranges to keep your energy up for the weekend. Your body can’t run off good vibes alone.

Most festivals now provide free water refill stations for your reusable water bottles and camelbaks, which is essential for your hydration throughout the weekend. This helps cut down on the plastic water bottle litter that ends up all over the festival grounds. As much as you want to down more than your fair share of alcohol during your festival adventures, please remember that keeping hydrated with actual water is essential to your survival. The last thing you want is to be passed out in your own vomit behind the port-a-potties during the weekend you spent most of your savings on to have the time of your life.

We all know that the festival grounds usually have food options for you throughout the weekend, but we also know that you probably spent most of your money on the merch booth and all those rounds of shots you and your friends took when walking into the festival. So this is where your late night sandwich making skills come in, when you hit your pillow and realize you haven’t eaten real food in hours and your body will hate you when you wake up if there’s nothing in your stomach before you fall asleep. So gather your supplies and throw together even half a sandwich for good measure. Down that, drink some water and then hit the pillow again, and you should be all set to have a pleasant morning, or afternoon when you wake up.

Some festivals have theme camp options that open your options to free nutritional snack and drink options for a donation of sorts. So always carry a few extra dollars on top of your ready to spend money for those opportunities to partake in a fun and unique experience. These immersive experiences will be the ones that you remember most vividly post festival.

From trying new things to experiencing unique energies with the people around you, make your festival experience the most fulfilling yet by keeping yourself fed and hydrated. Stay safe and healthy this festival season.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut