We have been basking in the glow of every highlighter that has come into our lives since the highlight trend became vastly popular. From individual pans of stardust to full on glow kits, we have such an array to choose from that continues to grow exponentially by the day! Thank you highlighter goddesses of makeup, please continue to shower us with your beaming glory.

There has been many a trend in the highlighter game, from rainbow highlight to the full face highlighter challenge. These trends have opened up even more uses for your favorite highlight and even challenged some people to try and make their own. The amount of different mediums you can collect highlight in now is pretty extensive, powder, pressed, liquid, balm, stick, and even cushion highlight are now available for your consumption.

The latest trends are bringing forth more color and encouraging multiple different uses for their products, such as using them as eye shadows and lip toppers to create even more looks and really get a bang for your buck. Let’s be honest, we aren’t messing around if we are spending $50+ on a highlighter palette, so we better find as many uses as possible. For example; the Kat Von D alchemist palette is advertised to be multi-use and has been marketed as such. Even thought the pans are significantly smaller than most other palettes with similar shades and hues that are marketed more as highlighter palettes, the intention is still the same.

-KVD alchemist palette $32-

The latest glow kit to hit the market is from Anastasia Beverly Hills, their seventh glow kit just hit their website this week. The Aurora glow kit features 6 different shades of colorful highlight, this palette follows up the Moon child glow kit that ABH released not to long ago that featured 6 cool toned highlights that made you want to turn yourself into a moon child almost immediately buy applying the shades to as much of your body as you can. The new Aurora glow kit seems to be leaving the safe effect with its choice warm tones to help bring in the summer festival season beaming.

-ABH glow kits $40 each-

NYX has had an influx on their highlighters as well, from their strobing sticks, illuminating palette, liquid highlighter and also their duo chromatic illuminating powders. All with their own multi purpose use and a hell of a shine to boot. Each of their products comes in a range of color choices that give us all the chance to try something new and different that may work better with out face and skin types. Even combining some of their products may be the way to go for you.

-nyx stick: $8, away we go liquid highlight $7, Strobe of genius illuminating palette $19, Duo Chromatic illuminating powder $8-

Makeup revolution, carried at Ulta, has a strobing balm palette, a strobing balm stick and a few different baked highlighters available that all have a really nice pay off. Their vivid baked highlighters applied over their strobing balms have a really nice and lasting effect. The balm palette comes with 8 different shades and the vivid baked highlighters come in 5 different shades, there is also a 3 shade highlight palette that retails at just $15. Their strobing sticks come in 3 different shades as well, so over all you have a decent range to choose from for affordable prices.

-makeup revolution strobe balm palette $15, vivid baked highlight $6, strobe stick $9, radiance palette $15-

Benefit cosmetics has a line of highlighters that range from liquid to cream to powder, these products all sit on the skin different and give off different types of natural highlight for those looking to tone it down but still be low key beaming. They carry 2 liquid highlights in High beam and Dandelion Shy beam, the Watt’s up cream highlighter and the dandelion twinkle powder highlight. All have a slight pink undertone, so if you know that doesn’t work for you then these may be at the bottom of your list to try out. Never hurts to run in to swatch though, you know, just to make sure.

-Benefit Cosmetics High beam liquid highlighter $26, Dandelion shy beam $26, Watt’s up cream highlighter $30, Dandelion twinkle powder highlight $29

Too Faced even came out with a peach glow palette recently and also released their Love light prismatic highlighters. The love light highlighters come in 3 shades, all with different undertones to suite your needs. Their older highlight is the candlelight glow highlighters that both have more pinky undertones, the product is a half and half type deal that you swirl together before applying or even just apply one of the halves if it works better for you.

-Too Faced Love light prismatic highlighter $30, Sweet peach glow palette $42, Candle light glow $30-

Let us not forget about the 9 different shades of Cover FX enhancer drops, retailing at $42, that can be used as a highlight and also a mix in to your foundations to create a glowing overall finish to your look. Honorable mention to the Milk cosmetics holographic stick that retails at $28 and already has a dupe by Primark that is only $4. Of coarse we can not forget to mention the highlighters that come out of Becca Cosmetics, with their natural to gleaming beams of highlight ranging from $20-$40. Colourpop even provides an extremely affordable and amazing quality line of highlighters for only $8 a pop in over 20 shades to choose from.

There are an abundance of choices for everyone to play with now that you will never be without a beaming glow in your wildest dreams. The different trends on colors and styles will come and go, but it’s safe to say that highlighters are sticking around for a while. So play with every one that you can get your hands on to figure out your signature shine that can be seen from the stars.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut