Are you traveling home for the holidays? Or maybe to an exotic location? Make sure to pack your essentials. Make a list of everything you think you will need and check it twice. Maybe three times to be safe.

If you are flying out for the holiday, make sure to pack accordingly. The easiest way I have found when traveling for short trips is to only bring a personal item and a carry on. Now a days they have regulated sizing for carry on luggage, which means you can usually snag the smaller of a roller luggage set and it will usually be the correct dimensions. For a personal item, I usually go with a roomie backpack. This gives me the opportunity to pack my necessary electronics and other personal items as well as any additional items that didn’t quite fit into my carry on.

How you pack these is key to fitting all that you need for your trip. From the rolling method, to the strategic fold, there’s bound to be a technic that works for you. If are traveling somewhere cold, wear your cold weather gear onto the plane. I have found that this saves me space in my luggage and also makes for a nice pillow/blanket once on the plane as well.

Always pack a small snack! Sometimes the flight attendants just aren’t moving fast enough to save your rumbly belly. Pack some trail mix to hold you over while everyone gets situated. We all know how high priced the simplest items can be once you are already at the airport, so bring what you know you will need. I have found that making a small travel kit helped me a lot in this situation. Take a second and throw some things that you know you always forget into a ziplock bag, or even a makeup bag and throw it into an accessible pocket of your personal item.

Are you road tripping for the holiday? Make sure to pack your car with water bottles and snacks, as well as any safety gear you may need in the case of an emergency. Better to be over prepared than not prepared at all. Make sure all your fluids are topped off and all your tires are inflated properly. Clean out your car of any unnecessary trash and anything else you won’t need for this road trip and get a move on.

Safe travels this holiday season!
The Style Astronaut