**I was gifted this set of extensions from Irresistible me, the following is my honest review on the product I was sent.**

Opening the box you receive a parcel that contains a test weft, for color matching. It is important that before opening the main package of extensions that you test with the test weft if the color is correct. Once the seal is broken, they are yours forever, no take backs! So, once you’ve made sure everything is well and dandy, rip that sucker open and play with your new extensions.

The bundle comes with one large multi-weft 4 clip, one 3 clips, five 2 clips, and two 1 clip extensions. This covers your whole head when places correctly. I was very impressed by the large multi-weft 4 clip piece the most. I felt it was something I, personally, have never received in a set of extensions which I very much enjoyed. There was no fall out when I brushed through the extensions, straight out of the box, which is always a positive.

These extensions are made up of 100% human remy hair, as it states on the website. This means that being human hair, these extensions can be styled with heat tools! If you are looking to dye the extensions, this is also doable, but is recommended to purchase the lighter colors, instead of trying to lift color out of the darker shades.

Below is a photo before the extensions and after I put them in. I have not alterned these extentions in anyway, and I have straightened my hair to try and blend them together. In the future, I plan on cutting the to blend them with my natural hair better, and also getting a much needed haircut to rid my hair of all my dead ends.


These extensions are the “Silky Touch” line in the color “Chocolate Brown”. 200 grams and 24 inches long. If you have thicker hair I would recommend getting a higher weight, I found that the 200 gram weight at 24 inches long ended up getting a little bit stringy at the bottom when styling. This also may be due to the length in comparison to my real hair length. I will update this post once I get around to cutting my extensions to blend better with my real hair.

When styling with my Nume curling wand, I found that holding onto the curls before letting them drop down definitely helped the curl set. I would recommend using clips and clipping each curl as you go and then unclipping them in the order you started. I would also recommend using heat protectants on your hair as well as your extensions to keep damage to a low.

With that all said, I am very excited to use these extensions on nights out and possibly for performances in the future! Huge thank you to Irresistible me Hair extensions for the set, I am so grateful for this opportunity to review your product.


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