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I recently bought my first products from MakeupGeek, after hearing many praises about all of the products from friends and Youtubers alike. So I took the plunge and got my hands on a few of the new Duo-Chrome line that came out back in September 2015. First impression, HOLY SHINE! I was instantly in love with the packaging itself, and could not wait to swatch the pigments. The packaging is this really adorable copper based, rainbow reflective envelope type package, with a black chevron-esk pattern [pictured above]. Each envelope has a window to the pan, so you can see the color, the back side is black with another window that shows you the pigment name. The back also contains an ingredients list ans other things the product may contain. This product is cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Swatch impression, these duo-chrome shadows definitely deliver the punch I was hoping for after listening to countless reviews on the most popular shades. I went with Blacklight, Phantom & Rockstar. When I first swatched Blacklight, I was super pumped about the iridescent quality that it creates on its purple base and blue reflects. It is hands down a shade I want to experiment with putting over darker matte shadows to create a very mysterious look.  I followed up by swatching Phantom, which initially reminded me of my current favorite Colourpop hightlighter shade in Monster. Phantom creates this great shade with its white base and purple reflects. I would love to experiment on using this in the inner corner of a lot of dramatic eye looks and as well as doubling it as a highlighter. Last but not least, Rockstar, I was pleasantly suprised at the swatch on my arm, as opposed to the color on the site, that its medium silver base and purple pink reflects, looked a lot more tame than I initially expected. The medium silver base looked a bit more grey on my skin tone, but once it hit the light, the relfects definitely shine with a brightness. I would like to use this shade with a few neutral shades to create a slightly more flashy nude eye look.




With all that said, I would highly recommend trying these pigments out. From what I’ve experienced, these blend very nicely and have a great color and shine pay out that I very much enjoy. I think my next purchase will be a few essential matte shadows to play with this brand a bit more. So, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it once I can get my hands on some. I hope this review was helpful to anyone that has been debating getting their paws on some of these great shadows. I for one am thoroughly stoked that I can create some really intense iridescent looks using these great shadows, in tandem with other great products that I have been playing with lately. Tune back in on Monday for the next post and don’t forget to Subscribe to my Youtube channel! I upload there on Wednesdays. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @styleastronaut to get in touch!


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