This December an exclusive showing of art will be taking place from the creative minds of Gina Manning and Brittany Loar. The duo has produced a collaborative free-form mixed media ad photograhy mash-up set of images for their exhibit. The project was based on the power of working together, specifically as woman, and supporting one another. This first look will be exclusive and invite only with a mandatory RSVP, so if you want to get in on this lovely exhibit I highly suggest heading on over to their collaboration website for all the details.

Check out an interview about the collaboration on their site as well, here.

Check out a sneek peek into the exhibit through their promotional video!

“We went on an emotional roller coaster through the whole experience and really put our souls into this one. Starting with the photo shoot at Red Sky Studios with an amazing crew of artists who created the canvases. This all star crew included some of the cities finest; model Ash Soong, hair/makeup Alexandra Angelone, stylist Anica Zosha Buksa, gaffer Mike Pecci, DIT Ian Spencer, BTS Mike Sun, PA Katie Brogan Minton. This project has touched so many creative hands and it really has become it’s own world.”

-Gina Manning

A few shots by Gina Manning from a studio warming shoot a few months ago. All practical effects, truly magical, if you enjoy this then you will surly want to get to this show. If you can’t make it, stay tuned for a recap of the show in December.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut