Today on Nep-TUNES we get to know Nick White who is a New England DJ who spins by  Lucius Natick; “actually a pseudonym derived from a terrible pun” -Nick. He has been DJing in the area since winter for 2009/2010, he is part of Rabbit Revolution and has a passion for memes. If you get a chance to catch one of his sets I highly suggest bringing a meme along with you, it will be highly appreciated.

You can stalk him on his social media below:

What got you into music?

 I always enjoyed music as a kid, but I think it became a compulsion in the 7th/8th grade. My best friend had a custom subwoofer made for him by his dad, and I developed a ritual of hanging out at his house and listening to stuff we both liked with suffocating amounts of bass.

I kept up a habit of listening to stuff on my own everywhere, in class, on my own, when I went to sleep. In time, I figured out with electronic music that artists didn’t have a traditional album release habit, and that I had to develop my own internet age crate-digging habits.

Who/what is your muse/inspiration?

 My muse mostly comes from seeing things I like, and trying to imagine a novel and intuitive way of putting them together. I have an ugly obsession with mashups, and learned to DJ through Ableton Live, so I have the means to make shit like a juxtaposition of White Zombie and Evol Intent.

What is your go to gig outfit?

 My dream is to cosplay while DJing. Until then, I have an assortment of jerseys and jackets to make me look like a Gopnik. I also have some nice but ill-fitting business suits.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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