Today we get to know a bit more about Hudson Eakin, the wild being behind Wubson! Established in 2011, Wubson has been getting the crowds going at places such as Burning Man, Local venues around New England and more! If you get a chance to jump around to one of Wubson’s sets, I highly suggest you do so! I know he’s got some really rad shows coming up that you should definitely make your way to! To find out more about those, stalk him on all his social media below:

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What got you into music?

I can’t think of a time when music hasn’t been a key part of my life. My sisters raised me during my early childhood and they were both heavily involved in musical theatre, one in the pit band playing oboe and the other on stage singing. There wasn’t a lot of Electronic Music in my town, but I got all I could from movie soundtracks (The Lost in Space OST was my first CD ever! The Matrix OST’s got me hooked.). Growing up in Louisiana, I listened to a lot of Bounce Music, Jazz and Gangsta Rap because it was everywhere…Master P, Eclipse and Ludacris were favorites as a kid. Once I moved up to Maine as a teenager I started sneaking into local shows because the energy in the local Punk/Emo scene was so incredible!

Who/what is your muse/inspiration? 

Oh man I have SOOO many, it’d be impossible for me to list them all! Outside of my friends and producers that inspire me (SHOUTOUT BEARDTHUG, GLD, JAKK’D, HOMEWRECKER, FVCKDIAMONDS, GRAZ, JSQUARED, DREAM INVENTUR, JON LOC AND RED BARRINGTON!), some names off the dome include Rick Sanchez, Henry Rollins, Just Blaze, Trent Reznor, Akira Kurosawa and Jack Skellington, but stories play a much larger roll inspiring me more than anything else.

Comics, horror movies, personal events, a conversation with a friend, nothing’s really off limits if it grabs me. I’m currently shopping out an EP called “Eat The Living, Wake The Dead” that’s based on all the local legends I grew up hearing about black magic, voodoo, monsters and witches in the swamp. I’ve recently finished up another one I intend to give out directly based on a popular cartoon series that particularly resonates with me a lot. Currently I’m buried in collabs (Working on some flames with Boltcutter, Beardthug, Peter Piffen, Jon Loc, Dream Inventur and Slimeparty!), but I’ve started writing another body of work that’s loosely based off some of my favorite oldschool Horror movies.

What is your go to gig outfit?

Either something totally absurd like a dinosaur onesie, or my drawers w/ suspenders… or all black everything. I wyl out hard on stage so even when I’m sweating through the shirt and covered in blood/tears/drank/whatever it still looks pro. Confession, long hems are just my excuse to wear skirts in public.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

AUUUGH. That’s really tough! I like Classical just as much as I love Dubstep! I’d probably stick with Dance Music just because I think people are expressing themselves in much more original, interesting ways through a computer than they are through most live instruments (unless they’re working in tandem with a computer) these days. But I feel that you can exhibit the full emotional range of other genres without any of their cheese, cliches or restrictions.

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