I hope everyone had a wonderful 4 day weekend for the 4th of July! We all know the struggle of having to head back to work and dragging your sunburnt self out of bed to make it into the office on time. Well, today we are bringing you a few tips for some post holiday weekend tricks to hopefully make it a bit more bearable.


I’m sure you attended at least one barbecue, did at least one outdoor activity and maybe even drank a few too many. Your body needs all that water you forgot to drink all weekend! So make sure to get yourself a nice tall glass of water and hydrate yourself. This also goes for your skin, which I’m sure some of you ran into the sunburn category post holiday weekend of fun. A great way to attend to your sunburn is to get some nice cooling aloe vera gel to calm down that hot and peeling burn you collected.


As great as all those good old bbq staples were over the long weekend, half of them probably weren’t nearly as ‘healthy’ as you pretended they were. So after all those bags of chips and grilled meats, pop your multi vitamin and maybe even a B-Complex Vitamin for that extra boost.


If you were unlucky enough to get attacked by all those pesky bugs over the weekend, treat them with some aloe vera or even some honey. Both give some pain relief, help the swelling go down and help stop the itching. Take an allergy pill to counter act any other effects the bug bites may have on you. Also doesn’t hurt to have one after being in all that summer pollen all weekend.


Take a minute for yourself after socializing all weekend long and just sit and breath. Be in the moment and clear your mind of anything and everything and focus on your breath. Taking these moments to yourself before diving back into your work week really helps you relax and simmer down after a really exciting and active weekend. Self care is important, so always make time to show yourself some love.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut