Light. Darkness. A Balance.

You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the doors open. Finding out the force is strong within you is a real game changer. I can’t explain it and you wouldn’t believe it. 

If you are as hype about the new Star Wars movies as I’ve been then you get it. I might be nerding out, but honestly this Rey costume is pretty easy to pull together if you’ve got the right gear for it. A friend let me borrow her vest, but its a pretty easy make that I’m still planning on taking on soon. The hair is a pretty simple recreation, and there is a bunch of tutorials out now for that as well. [If you want me to make one, leave a comment] White top, brown belt, grey or black pants, boots and a lightsaber with create the rest of the look and you can always accessorize with a holster and a sling bag for extra credit. 

Stay Spooky,

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