Roller skating at the local rink was such a fun thing to do as a kid, and now there’s way you can do it all grown up too. Like becoming a roller derby babe and getting to skate fast and potentially fall, but all in good fun. So with this look, you can make yourself look a little beat up but still cute, if that’s what you want to go for this Spooktober!

I paired my skates with a set of thigh high athletic socks, kneepads, shorts that I customized to say “BACK OFF” on the bum, a cropped baseball tee and a red bandana. I added some faux bruises with makeup on my legs and arms, but you can also add scrapes, cuts and bloody noses if you feel so inclined. You can easily make this a fun group costume by grabbing your girls and making up a team name for your squad. Everyone can have their own twist on their derby babe look and you can roll out in style. More fun accessories you can add to your look would be sweatbands, helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, fingerless gloves, pom poms to your skates or socks, ect. Have fun with it and roll through the night!

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut

Photos by Jaina Cipriano Photography and Gracie Drinkwater