R2D2 Swim: BlackmilkClothing

Skirt: Rainbow

Shoes: Amazon

Cardigan: Primark

It’s the 15th of Spooktober and I can’t get my mind off the release of The Force awakens! So following last weeks storm trooper, today I bring you R2D2! The sassiest droid you know.

I paired my Blackmilk R2D2 swim with a white mini skirt and a marbled grey cardigan to keep me warm with all this chilly fall weather we have been having. I added some white platform boots and a red lip to represent his little red light. Threw my hair up into a half bun and I’m off on my droid adventures.

If you are going to be a droid this halloween, send me your pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut & #saspooktober2k15 #saspooktober

=The Style Astronaut=