Meet Luna the clown! She enjoys playing games, petting baby animals, playing with shiny things and eating her weight in food. Luna has a very colorful personality that can light up a room and also keep you on your toes. Luna is a little bit of a prankster and has a sinister sense of humor.

Her curly lilac locks and bright ever changing look radiate off of her like the heat off the sun. Her fluffy ruff doubles as a bustle if she’s feeling feisty. Her optical illusion pants keep you watching intently and her bright red wrap top is hard to miss.



Do you want to get clowny this Halloween? Find your funnest patters and use as many fun colors as you can get your hands on in fun shapes on your face. Be silly and and have fun with it! Make the best out of your Halloween experience!

Spooktober continues,
The Style Astronaut