Taking it back to the colorful and stretchy work out days of the 80’s with this one. If you are tight on time then this tight little outfit can be pulled straight from your workout clothes! Grab your brightest pair of leggings, a loose crop top, and a bodysuit if you have one on hand. Throw your hair up into a side pony and put on a headband to catch all the fabulous sweat of ¬†yours while your rushing out the door.

I put together a pair of multicolored leggings, a cropped/cut up blue t-shirt, a purple bodysuit, and some leg warmers over my sneakers and BOOM, you’ve got an 80’s work out babe ready to head out the door! I put my hair up in a side pony with a scrunchy for that added element, and also took the parts I cut off the shirt and wrapped them around my head and wrists.

This is a great last minute costume that rarely ever costs a cent if you are going for low budget, quick and easy. This is always a great costume for last second parties and is a classic to say the least. If you can get a group of friends to do it together, you can even flash mob an aerobics class if you really put your mind to it! And if you want to make it spooky, throw some blood and zombie makeup in the mix and you have an undead aerobics instructor!

Spooktober Continues,

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