I brought you Luna the clown earlier this month, so I figured introducing you to her evil twin wouldn’t hurt. Today you are meeting Nova, she is a little bit of a hand full, but always down for a good time. Just a note, don’t ask about her eye, it’s a sore subject she doesn’t handle explaining very well. You see, Luna and Nova used to get in prank wars, and well…sometimes things just got a little bit out of hand.

If you want to capture a similar look to Nova’s, her toxic colored hair is the place to start. She wears a mixture of black and white, stars and stripes, half and half to be precise. Her leggings are half black with white stars and half black and white stripes, she has ruffled arm warmers that are flip flopped of her leggings and she wears a black peplum top with a collared harness over top. Her makeup consists of some highlighter yellow and toxic green as a base to her black accents of stars and a large diamond over her “special” eye.


Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut