imageA classic for this time of year, a masquerade twist on the usual skeleton costume. This can also be accessorized more for an even more glamour type look by adding a sheer maxi skirt or even a bustle to go with the masquerade vibe. You can also paint your face to look like a skeleton, similar to my look from last years spooktober “Lady Death”.

I based this costume with my “Black ribs swimsuit” from Blackmilk clothing and slipped on some over the knee skeleton socks and fingerless skeleton gloves. I paired that with a pair of platform ankle boots and a neon green wig to add some color to the black, white and grey scale happening. I added the half skeleton mask and brought out a liquid matte black lipstick to finish off the look. I hope you aren’t shivering down to the bone this halloween!

Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut