That’s right, a twist to the usual little mermaid, I’m bringing you the villain, Ursula. These poor unfortunate souls need her help and does she help them? Of coarse she does, how else does a sea witch get her kicks now a days. Let’s be real here, between collecting these poor unfortunate souls and stalking new victims…what’s a witch have to do around these depths of the sea?

I pulled together this look with a purple velvet dress with a nice scalloped halter neckline, paired with a black satin under bust corset. I used a long white wig and clipped it up until it looked the way I wanted it to and then caked on as much purple contour and blue eyeshadow I could to really bring this Ursula look to life. I drew on some intense eyebrows and slapped on some red lipstick, don’t forget that beauty mark of hers! Boom you’ve got the sea witch to steal all the poor unfortunate souls you want!

Spooktober Continues,

The Style Astronaut